All the people who play online games know that securing their account is one of the biggest concerns. There are people who are always looking out for unsuspecting players. They compromise their accounts and gain undue financial advantage out of these accounts. Like all online games, World of Warcraft accounts are also prone to such attackers. The attackers who will steal everything out of the victims account. They will sell all these items and even gold for real cash in the internet world. Since gear and gold in World of Warcraft accounts sells for real money, there is strong temptation for unscrupulous elements to break into accounts. These thieves have devised sophisticated methods of stealing accounts.

There is considerable number of people whose accounts are hacked by using a spy ware called key logger. These are small computer programs that reside in their computer and steal information related to their account. Similarly a spy ware also records your keystrokes and other activity on your computer. When you type your World of Warcraft Account information on the login screen, these spy wares and key loggers steal that information and send it back to the person who originally was the writer of that small piece of software. One method of securing yourself is installation of an antispyware programmed. It does help but you cannot be 100 percent sure of its efficacy.

One of the devices that can enhance security of your World of Warcraft Account and other online games accounts is called authentication device. This device will be having a random password which is reset after a small duration, generally every minute. Since this is constantly changing your password, even if some hacker gets to know your password of World of Warcraft account, he will not be able to use it because the very next minute the authentication device would have changed the password with another random password. Such devices take online security to a higher level. Now you are having a physical device that you hold in your hand. You look on that device each time you want to log into your World of Warcraft Account because your new password is inside that device.

World of Warcraft offers quite an array of these devices for your use. You can directly purchase this device from Blizzard’s. This will be mailed at your shipping address. This is not very costly but every penny worth the investment you make on it. This will hugely increase your security level.

Some of these devices have been manufactured for mobile phones. If you own iPhone, you can get a free application which serves as authenticator for you. If you already have an iPhone, this is the easiest method to secure your account.

If you are seriously interesting in protection of your World of Warcraft account, you should give this extra layer of security a serious thought to guard against hacking of your account.